The Leadership Survival Bootcamp

  • 6 Jun 2022
  • (EDT)
  • 10 Jun 2022
  • (EDT)

MONL is proud to partner with MissingLogic® to bring you The Leadership Survival Bootcamp.

Wednesday, June 1 will be the LAST DAY you can register for the Leadership Survival Bootcamp for only $97.

Register here.

So, just to be REALLY clear, here’s what’s included:

  • Leadership Survival Blueprint: Tired of being stressed out by the challenges and demands at work? In this program, you will learn a new skill and superpower that will enable you to rise above the challenges and stress and live a life focused on what matters most to you.


  • Early Warning System: Are you feeling conflicted, exhausted, and guilty? If you are like most healthcare leaders, when you experience these feelings, it’s an indication you are getting further away from what matters most to you. Discover how you can create and implement a personalized early warning system to help you course-correct quickly when needed and keep you focused on what matters most. 

  • Accelerator Plan:  You probably already realize, learning and implementing what you learn are two different things. In the Bootcamp, you’ll receive an Accelerator Plan that will aid you in quickly implementing your Leadership Survival Blueprint, experience immediate results, and sustain those results over time. 

  • Valuable and easily digestible content in short spurts:  We know you already have a lot going on! That’s why we intentionally designed the program, so you can make just a small investment of time and walk away with a life-changing skill and tool that will serve you for as long as you lead. 

  • Access to a think tank of leaders: Many leaders like you are feeling isolated and disconnected from their peers. The Bootcamp is designed to connect leaders with others like them who are experiencing the same challenges, so they can share their experiences and learn with and from each other. 

  • Bonus #1 Lifetime Access:  You not only get access to all the tools during the course you will have access to the recordings of each session and the materials for the lifetime of the course. That means you can revisit the lessons as many times as you like, whenever you like, for as long as we offer the course. (value $500)

  • Bonus #2 “Fast Action Guide to Overcoming Time Constraints”:  We get it!It feels as if you are never able to accomplish everything you want to and everything you are being asked to. You may or may not realize working from the belief that there is not enough time is working from a constricting and limiting belief or circumstance. In this guide we give you guidance on how to overcome time constraints, so you can feel less stress and regain control over your time and life. (value $250)

  • Bonus #3 “Fast Action Guide to Setting and Keeping Boundaries”:  Boundaries are essential for reclaiming your life. This guide will help you identify key boundaries that may need your attention, describe empowering beliefs about boundary setting, and provide some practical tips and strategies on setting and keeping boundaries. (value $250)

And remember if you can’t attend the sessions you can watch recordings anytime! You also have lifetime access. How great is that?

To register for the Leadership Survival Bootcamp for healthcare leaders for just $97, before the doors close click the link below now:

Register here NOW!

Here’s to moving through 2022 armed and ready to not only survive but reclaim your life! You got this!

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